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Ever more blind

For the last few days my eyes have been feeling strained and I’ve had a constant low-level headache. I’m usually pretty good at knowing what is wrong, and I was sure that my prescription was off.

I wasn’t wrong. Although the optometrist said that the relatively sudden onset of headaches was probably the result of working too hard (most of my few readers are probably laughing now).

2007-07-11 2009-02-19
Right Left Right Left
SPH -4.75 -4.50 -5.25 -5.00
CYL -0.25 -0.25 -0.25 -0.25
AXIS 90 85 85 95

Basically, I am more myoptic (short sighted, represented by SPH), but my astigmatism (none spherical-ness of the eye, CYL) is the same. Oddly, the ways my eyes are pointing (Axis) has reversed… either that or someone wrote them down the wrong way around!

To cut a boring story off quickly, I ended up shelling out £309 for a new pair of frames and lenses! My current frames have last for about 5 years (with 3 prescription changes), so hopefully it will be money well spent.

Posted on 19 Feb 2009

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