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This is a recipe for 4 naan bread and was sourced from Perdita Robinson via Philip Cash. In total it requires about 1½ hours, but over an hour is spent resting the dough.


  • Yeast, 5 g (¾ tsp)
  • White flour, 250 g
  • Plain yoghurt, 50 g (2½ tbsp)
  • Salt, 4 g (½ tsp)
  • Baking powder, ¾ tsp
  • Ghee, for kneeding (sub. with sunflower oil or melted butter)
  • Water, 150 g at 22°C


  1. Pour the water into a bowl. Whisk in the yeast and then mix in half the flour with a fork.
  2. Cover and leave in a warm place for 30 min
  3. Stir in the yoghurt, and then the rest of the flour, the salt and the backing powder.
  4. Mix by hand into a soft sticky ball.
  5. Cover the ball with 2 tsp of ghee and rub to cover
  6. Give the ball of dough a couple of rough ‘squeezes’
  7. Return to the bowl, cover and rest for 15 min
  8. Rub on a tsp of ghee
  9. Kneed the dough on an oiled surface for 30 s, return it to the bowl, cover and rest for 15 min
  10. Kneed again for 60 s then quarter the dough. Dust with flour and rest for 5 min
  11. Heat a wok over a medium heat
  12. Take on piece and roll into a teardrop shape, about 3 mm thick (dust with flour as appropriate)
  13. When the wok is hot, lift the dough and lay it in the wok. Brush the top with a mixture of oil and herbs.
  14. Leave covered for 60 s during which time you can prepare the next piece of dough
  15. The naan should have risen slightly and started to blister on the top and browned slightly underneath. Flip and cook for 60 s

Posted on 01 Jan 2014

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