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Phew, that took a while

I’ve been working for quite a while on the launch of a new website for PhotoSoc.

This is the largest site I’ve ever attempted and hopefully it won’t all come crashing down around my ears. The site consists of a single framework integrating a calendar (based on a heavily hacked WebCalendar), forum (using PunBB) and a custom built photo gallery. Working with WebCalendar has been a painful process, it is a very poorly written and required substantial hacking. PunBB on the other hand has been almost trouble free, the website user system is based on the PunBB database and despite this the only customisation I’ve done has been entirely superficial.

Although as it stands the site is not complete or fully polished, I’ve just come across some real work so some features I was hoping to implement are going to have to wait, or just be forgotten.

Posted on 26 Aug 2006

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