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UK electricity consumption

I recently got one of these household electricity display devices things and being the information fiend that I am I’ve started studiously recording how much electricity I use. That lead to the obvious question, How much is normal electricity consumption in the UK. The Internet did not provide me with reliable and consistent answer to this question, so after not inconsiderable rooting for information, I derived the answer from the most up to date available:

1 860 kWh (per person per year, UK, 2007). I’ll write about how my consumption compares once I have more lovely data to play with.

That is based on data from The Department of Business Innovation and Skills on the UK domestic electricity consumption in 2007 (117 126.2 GWh) and the associated number of domestic meters (26 670.3×103) 1. For the per person figure, the UK 2001 Census provides a persons per household figure of 2.36 2.

  1. Electricity Consumption Data at Regional and Local Authority Level
  2. Census 2001 – People and their homes in England and Wales

Posted on 19 Jul 2009

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